Alyssa Crawley s3600752 Brief 1 Essay

My online media use involves many different activities and documenting every one of these became very difficult. Therefore throughout this essay I will be focusing solely on social media and the way I have used it in previous years to create my online brand. This brand was initially established through the creation of a fashion and lifestyle related Youtube channel but has since expanded to various other platforms. When I first created this channel I had very little experience in media and had to teach myself all the skills needed to run it. In this essay I will explore how I did this, as well as share the ways I use online media to create content and promote it to an audience.

Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) discuss Web 2.0 as being a participatory development in the nature of the Web whereby content is no longer “created and published by individuals” but is now being “continuously modified by all users.” This describes the way in which we use social media as a way to collaborate and interact with one another. An element of Web 2.0 is User Generated Content (UGC), which refers to the “various forms of media content that are publicly available and created by end-users” (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). If this is published publicly, shows creative intent and isn’t produced for professional means then it is UGC. Social media allows for the creation and exchange of this content, allowing us to share our beliefs and establish ourselves online.

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Day 1: Embarking on the Journey of Analysing my Online Media Habits

As a typical millennial, the first thing I did this morning was check my social media notifications. I made my way through every platform; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, checking up on what I’d missed overnight. Majority of what I looked at was posts from friends, vegan videos and photos as well as some posts from celebrities that I follow. This morning I got particularly engrossed in a Tumblr page talking about and critiquing celebrity PR strategies. On the way to university I spent my time on the train messaging friends using both messenger and snapchat, catching up with them and also communicating about where we will meet when we arrive in the city. I also utilised Spotify to listen to music on the train, listening to an album by the band Holy Holy. A large portion of my time online once I got home was spent on Youtube, watching a range of videos from my subscription box. Before bed it is also part of my routine to check my social media one last time. I did the same rounds as in the morning, checking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr before shutting off my phone and going to bed.

While I didn’t post any content online today I did take a few photos from around the city, using my iPhone with the intention of uploading these to Instagram eventually. I didn’t post these however as I tend to plan out and schedule all of my posts to make my Instagram look more clean and professional.

I also liked and commented on many posts today and therefore distributed these to a wider audience. One thing that I liked on Facebook was a video relating to a campaign aiming to educate and bring awareness to the objectification of women. This topic is one of high importance to me so liking it and sharing my support for the campaign felt necessary. Similarly, I also liked many vegan/animal related posts on both Facebook and Twitter for this same reason. On Tumblr I spent time reblogged many posts which were mainly artsy photography type photos and quotes. Through reblogging these I further distributed them, utilising them to curate my Tumblr blog, giving it the aesthetic that I desire.

As I said most of my time online was spent watching Youtube videos and I did this in an attempt to gain inspiration for my own content. I too create videos on a regular basis so seeing what other people are doing and how they’re creating and curating their thoughts is not just entertaining but also helps inspire and shape my content. The videos I watched were the artsy/creative type videos such as this one by Arden Rose and this one by one of my good friends Alex Miotto. I also showed my appreciation for these videos by giving them a thumbs up and commenting my thoughts on them.