Analysis Blog Post 3 – Reflecting on the Reflection

Throughout the week my online media usage began to get quite repetitive so to prevent this I ended up focusing on one or two particular things from each day. I therefore had to omit some of the activities that I undertook during the day that I deemed uninteresting. While this solved the issue, it has now put me in a situation where i have a less holistic documentation of what I did over the week because I decided not to include absolutely every activity in the posts.

I also failed to use definitive terms such as authoring, publishing and curating throughout the week. Although I did attempt to include these, I felt they made the posts quite stinted and disrupted their flow so I left them out. This means that I have been unable to fully explore the possibilities each activity can entail and has prevented me from expanding my definitions of each of these terms.

Through the evaluation I believe I could have further explored the ideas of how and why I use online media, particularly the way in which I use social media in the way that I do. While I feel I have touched on this briefly, I think there is far more that I can learn from looking deeper into the meaning behind my usage of my public social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. My writing is not yet critical enough to have been able to tease out these ideas and this is something that I hope to do before writing the final essay. Through exploring this I think I’ll be able to evaluate more about why I use different personas on different platforms and also why I use social media in a different way when interacting with different people or groups.

I think these ideas are certainly something that I could focus on within the essay, determining the differences between how I act as these different personas online and why I do it. It could also look at my usage of social media as a means to pass the time. I discovered through this documentation that social media is generally a source of distraction or procrastination for me and I feel it could be interesting to explore why this is the case throughout the essay process.


Analysis Blog Entry 2 – Evaluation

If i had been asked to predict the results of my week of blogging I would have told you that I would use online media to create or author content more than I use it to observe it. However, looking at my posts from the week it is clear to see that this simply wasn’t the case. While I usually use online media to post a lot of content such as Instagram photos, tweets, public snapchat stories and youtube videos, I didn’t actually do a lot of this in the week I documented. I also discovered through this documentation process that I consume a lot more media than I would have previously thought. Social media in particular is something that I use multiple times throughout the day as a way to pass the time or procrastinate doing other important tasks such as uni work.

Throughout the week I also became aware of the different personas I take on when using my personal or private profiles versus those that I keep public. I have noticed that I am a lot more ‘myself’ and feel more open to talk about things I care about when I am on my public profiles. I would have considered this to be the opposite before this documentation process as I would have though that it would be best to keep my public profile very clean and professional. However I feel that because I don’t have family members and people I know personally following/liking these public profiles that I have the ability to express my feelings and interests more openly. They are also not associated with my full name and therefore feel more free about posting whatever I like on them, even though this is in reality likely not entirely the case.

I also expanded my definition of online media throughout this task. I was initially defining it as just being about social media, however through my daily brainstorms of my use I came to realise just how broad this term was. By the end of the week I came to realise that my usage entailed so much more than just social media as I was using Spotify and Google docs daily, I was also reading news articles and watching youtube videos and all of this too counted as online media usage.

As someone who admittedly uses online media for a majority of the day this documentation has been really interesting. While I always knew how much I used online media it has been eye opening to see the ways I use it and also be able to reflect on and tease out how and why I use it in the way that I do.

Analysis Blog Post 1 – Evidence

For the first few days of the week my online media use was highly repetitive, exposing the routines I have in relation to how I use it. I started out almost everyday with a scroll through each social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and sometimes Pinterest as well. This routine was generally repeated at night with me taking the time to again scroll through these social media sites and liking anything that I thought was funny or interesting before going to bed.

During the day a few trends began to develop, especially during the week as I would use Spotify each day to listen to music on the way to uni and would also monotonously scroll through my social media sites at multiple times throughout the day. The content I would look at tended to involve topics such as fashion, veganism, feminism or celebrity news as these are what I am interested in and therefore follow and interact with people who share these same interests.

Majority of my activity throughout the week was passive, with me simply scrolling through the sites and maybe liking or tagging my friends in a couple of posts here and there. I did not tend to create much content, particularly during the week as I was busy with uni work. I did however tweet quite a bit throughout the week as a means to share my excitement and thoughts, sending simple tweets that I didn’t put all that much thought into. On the weekend however I did more activities that allowed me to create or author content such as Instagram posts that I shared with my followers.

I also used a lot online media for university during the week, which opened my eyes as to just how important the online world has become for our studies. I used google docs to collaborate on assignments with other students and also used Facebook, an inherently social medium, to do this as well. The use of Blackboard is also important to note as this is something I used every single day and yet failed to document this because of my inability to realise that using this site was too a form of online media use.