Adventuring into the World of Blogging

I am not an avid blog reader. The only time I ever read blog posts is when I stumble upon one whilst googling for information on certain products or ways to do something. I do however appreciate the practice of blogging and have always admired how people are able to tell their stories, whilst not only entertaining their audience but also being able to help them.

A blog that I discovered trecently that I have been utterly captivated by over the past few days is YoungAdventuress. This blog is a travel blog and is run by a young American girl, Liz,  who is currently living in New Zealand. She has spent the past seven years living in and travelling to many destinations all across the world and has documented these experiences through this blog. She has accumulated over 500,000 social media followers and receives around 1 million views to her blog annually.

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