Analysis Blog Post 3 – Reflecting on the Reflection

Throughout the week my online media usage began to get quite repetitive so to prevent this I ended up focusing on one or two particular things from each day. I therefore had to omit some of the activities that I undertook during the day that I deemed uninteresting. While this solved the issue, it has now put me in a situation where i have a less holistic documentation of what I did over the week because I decided not to include absolutely every activity in the posts.

I also failed to use definitive terms such as authoring, publishing and curating throughout the week. Although I did attempt to include these, I felt they made the posts quite stinted and disrupted their flow so I left them out. This means that I have been unable to fully explore the possibilities each activity can entail and has prevented me from expanding my definitions of each of these terms.

Through the evaluation I believe I could have further explored the ideas of how and why I use online media, particularly the way in which I use social media in the way that I do. While I feel I have touched on this briefly, I think there is far more that I can learn from looking deeper into the meaning behind my usage of my public social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. My writing is not yet critical enough to have been able to tease out these ideas and this is something that I hope to do before writing the final essay. Through exploring this I think I’ll be able to evaluate more about why I use different personas on different platforms and also why I use social media in a different way when interacting with different people or groups.

I think these ideas are certainly something that I could focus on within the essay, determining the differences between how I act as these different personas online and why I do it. It could also look at my usage of social media as a means to pass the time. I discovered through this documentation that social media is generally a source of distraction or procrastination for me and I feel it could be interesting to explore why this is the case throughout the essay process.


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