Analysis Blog Entry 2 – Evaluation

If i had been asked to predict the results of my week of blogging I would have told you that I would use online media to create or author content more than I use it to observe it. However, looking at my posts from the week it is clear to see that this simply wasn’t the case. While I usually use online media to post a lot of content such as Instagram photos, tweets, public snapchat stories and youtube videos, I didn’t actually do a lot of this in the week I documented. I also discovered through this documentation process that I consume a lot more media than I would have previously thought. Social media in particular is something that I use multiple times throughout the day as a way to pass the time or procrastinate doing other important tasks such as uni work.

Throughout the week I also became aware of the different personas I take on when using my personal or private profiles versus those that I keep public. I have noticed that I am a lot more ‘myself’ and feel more open to talk about things I care about when I am on my public profiles. I would have considered this to be the opposite before this documentation process as I would have though that it would be best to keep my public profile very clean and professional. However I feel that because I don’t have family members and people I know personally following/liking these public profiles that I have the ability to express my feelings and interests more openly. They are also not associated with my full name and therefore feel more free about posting whatever I like on them, even though this is in reality likely not entirely the case.

I also expanded my definition of online media throughout this task. I was initially defining it as just being about social media, however through my daily brainstorms of my use I came to realise just how broad this term was. By the end of the week I came to realise that my usage entailed so much more than just social media as I was using Spotify and Google docs daily, I was also reading news articles and watching youtube videos and all of this too counted as online media usage.

As someone who admittedly uses online media for a majority of the day this documentation has been really interesting. While I always knew how much I used online media it has been eye opening to see the ways I use it and also be able to reflect on and tease out how and why I use it in the way that I do.


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