Day 7: The Journey Ends

Today I had be up early and didn’t even having time for breakfast let alone time to spend online before leaving the house. However once arriving home I did my usual morning routine where i watch Youtube videos and scrolled through my social media simultaneously. The main videos I watched were focused around productivity, made by MuchelleB and Lavendaire.

As I’m not at university on Monday’s I like to try and make my day as productive as possible getting both uni work and other tasks done so that I can have a positive start to the week. This is why I chose to watch videos on this topic because I hoped to pick up some tips and be left feeling motivated to work. Whilst I don’t usually comment on videos, I did comment on MuchelleB’s video because I found it extremely helpful and wanted to share my appreciation for it.

I then started to do some of what I consider my ‘Youtube work’, which mainly consists of replying to comments, remaking thumbnails that I no longer like and just ticking things off my Youtube to do list. Today I replied to comments on this recent video as this is something I hadn’t gotten around to doing yet. I basically just answered any questions that people had about the video and thanked them for watching it. I like to do this for all of my videos as I feel it helps build a stronger connection between my audience and I and it also allows me to show that I appreciate them watching and commenting on the video. I also sent out a tweet apologising for not uploading a video this weekend (as Sunday is my usual uploading day) so that I can keep my subscribers in the loop and explain why I wasn’t able to get one up.

I then moved on to completing some uni work online, using Blackboard and a shared google doc to work on a group assignment. We also utilised a Facebook group at the same time to keep in constant communication about what direction we hoped to go in. Using both platforms was effective as it helped us to keep the doc focused on the final work whereas the Facebook group was used more for drafting and communicating.

Other than that I didn’t let myself use social media and online media all that much today as I was focused on being as productive as possible. However, I did partake in my usual nightly scroll through social media. I just checked up on some Tumblr blogs that I generally frequent, reblogging and liking a few posts about fashion and photography. I also tagged a few friends in a comedy video on Facebook about public transport as we often talk about how annoying it can be and I thought they would appreciate seeing it as well.


3 thoughts on “Day 7: The Journey Ends

  1. sarahkrieg says:

    It looks like you authored, published and distributed heaps of content in the last week– a lot of different platforms too. Very interesting read about the variety of online media you use!


  2. amyraffe says:

    I love that you have titled each of your posts! I’m really interested in what the post is about because of it.

    It’s great how you’ve hyperlinked everything you’ve referenced in the post too!


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