Day 6: Instagramming my Adventures

Today I had to leave the house quite early, leaving me no time to do my usual morning scroll through social media. However, while I was out I was in a situation where I was creating and uploading quite lot of content. We went down near the beach and visited a cute cafe and I utilised this location to take some photos for my Instagram page. As a typical millennial who cares too much about their Instagram, I took photos of the food I was eating, the cafe interior and just anything else I saw that looked nice while we walked down the main street. While I wasn’t posting the actual photos to Instagram as I went, I was using Snapchat and Instagram’s story feature to share pictures of what I was doing with all of my friends (on snapchat) and followers (on Instagram). Taking photos is something I really enjoy however I like to live in the moment as much as I can so being able to share these images so quickly through these methods is something I really appreciate.

When I got home I then sat down and edited all of the photos I’d taken throughout the day. To do this I used the editing app VSCOcam which allows me to edit the images so that they fit the theme or aesthetic of my Instagram. I then chose one image that I really liked and posted this to my Instagram. I added a caption and tagged the cafe that the image was taken in. I also utilised hashtags such as “#vegan”, “#cafe” and “#Melbourne” to help share my photos with a wider audience of people. This photo was also shared to my public twitter account so that my followers on there could see it as well.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 5.49.30 pm.png

Once posting this image I then let myself relax and I usually do this by watching Youtube videos. Today I watched a few dance videos (1, 2) as I really appreciate the art of dancing and also just clicked on anything in my subscription box that looked interesting. Whilst watching these I also caught up on what was going on throughout my other social media, liking any posts that I thought were interesting or funny.


One thought on “Day 6: Instagramming my Adventures

  1. s3599852 says:

    I love that you included a screenshot of your Instagram post to clearly show your audience what you edited and distributed online, it really feels like a transparent online space. Love your blog! x


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