Day 4: The Obsession Continues

As usual, the first thing I did this morning was scroll through my social media. Ironically a tweet from one of my favourite dancers came up on my feed which read “I am not a morning person”. I retweeted this tweet because it was 6am and I felt that I could really strongly relate to it and also thought the timing was very funny. I then continued to look through my Instagram notifications, liking a few photos of friends and celebrities that I follow.

Other than listening to music on Spotify on the way to uni and completing work online on Blackboard and Google Docs whilst there, I didn’t really get the chance to use the online space again until I arrived home. Once home, I was extremely tired from my early start so I allowed myself to watch some Youtube videos. I watched about 10-15 videos from my subscription box with these mainly relating to fashion, lifestyle or vlogging.

I have also still been very much excited about the Beauty and the Beast movie, so I spent a lot of time watching interviews with the cast. When a movie comes out that I really love I always tend to indulge in watching interview after interview to get a sense of what it was like behind the scenes and to also just enjoy the funny stories the cast have to tell. My favourites were this interview where Emma Watson told the story of how they shot the snowball scene in the new movie and this one where Emma Watson and Dan Stevens answered frequently searched questions about themselves and the movie.

I went to bed quite early today however I still made time for my usual before-bed scroll through social media. I spent a particularly long time on Tumblr where I liked and reblogged a lot of posts from my favourite bloggers. These were generally photography and quote type pictures, many relating to ideas of feminism and positivity as well as just some fashion pictures that I thought looked nice.


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