Day 3: Connecting, Curating & Passing the Time

Today was another fairly typical media use day for me whereby I mainly just distributed or passively viewed online media. I didn’t get the chance to scroll through my social media in the morning as I usually would so I therefore had a much less structured scroll throughout each social media site throughout the day. I looked at my Facebook notifications, mainly posts that I was tagged in by friends such as this meme about pets. I also caught up on what was going on in a few groups I’m involved in such as a vegan group and a dance moms group as well.

During my four hour break at uni I was listening to music on Spotify for majority of the time because I find that this helps me to concentrate and also helps to pass the time. I was listening to the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack as well as starting a March/April playlist. To do this I listened to a range of playlists created by artists I like, people I follow and radio stations that I listen to, such as Triple J. Through doing this I begun to curate a library of music that I like and want to listen to over the next couple of months.

As usual I also watched some videos on Youtube, mainly ones from my subscription box and recommended videos page to help pass the time. These were mainly on the topics of fashion, lifestyle and vegan related videos as these are what I enjoy watching.

Once arriving home after a long day of university, I treated myself to a night in front of the TV. You might be thinking “well thats not online media”, however while watching the shows, Survivor in particular, I was interacting with other viewers in the online space. I tweeted my reactions to the show using the hashtag #Survivoron9 and also read and replied to a few comments on Facebook about the show as well. I like to interact with people in this way as no one in my personal life watches the show. Therefore by going into the online space I am able to find people who are as involved in the show as I am and we can discuss our thoughts and opinions on what is happening.


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