Day 2: Tweeting my Emotions

Today’s online media usage tended to surround the excitement I had for seeing the new Beauty and the Beast movie. This movie is one that I have been looking forward to for years now and having always loved the original I was excited, to say the least, to see the new one. I therefore posted and interacted with a lot of content relating to the movie.

I posted multiple tweets (1, 2, 3, 4) to my public account expressing my excitement for the movie throughout the day. I then also posted mini review-like tweets after seeing the movie, sharing what I thought of it. These tweets were posted so I could share my opinion on the movie and also so that I could connect with other people who’d seen it and wanted to talk about it as well. I also posted an Instagram story of the event, taking a photo with my iPhone of the cinema and the screen that was shown before the movie played. I placed text over the image sharing what I was doing with my followers and again expressing how excited I felt in the moment.

During the day the rest of my online media use was mindless scrolling through my social media platforms. I checked notifications on my Facebook, mainly photos that friend’s had tagged me in or group work pages for university. I also scrolled through my Instagram feed liking posts from celebrities, fashion bloggers and more. Through liking their posts I was sharing my appreciation for their posts. Lastly, I also listened to Spotify whilst completing work for university, listening to playlists I’ve previously curated such as my ‘Throwback‘ and ‘January‘ Playlists. These things were not at all substantial and mainly occurred simply to fill time and occupy me between completing other important tasks for university/work.


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